That one moment!!

If you look back at your life, your journey what is that one moment that changed everything or almost everything for the better.  It could be a split second or a day.  It could be something related to a person in particular or a thing or a dog… That was it for me.  Yes, a dog. I call him Frodo (I loved the name after watching Lord of the Rings of course).  It was much later that I realized Frodo was more like Scooby Doo.  He was attacked as a pup by other big dogs and that made him anxious and nervous for life.  He dealt with a hairline fracture caused by the attack too.  He was found outside my apartment lost without a mother just 10 days old. I didn’t have the heart to let go.  Against all odds (living alone in the city, night shift, long working hours etc) I decided to adopt him.  That was my moment.  I look back and realize from that moment on I changed and became a very independent person. It also taught me that when you really love someone you will always find a way out.

I grew up with two sisters in a loving family with a lot of noise and chit chatting all day through.  Living on my own I didn’t really begin exploring enjoying my own company until Frodo stepped in.  He was so dependent on me (also because we love each other way too much apart from the anxiety issues) and yet somehow he silently gave me the courage to try things I’d never do on my own before.  Simple things really, like buying groceries, dealing with bank work, let go of the fear of doing something new.  Frodo’s fears encouraged me to see the simple opportunities in daily life that we take for granted.  I also became so grateful for the small pinches of happiness that you are blessed with each day.  Just with his presence in my life I learnt to love life more because I loved having him in it.

He is right here taking a nap next to me as I type, teaching me to be grateful for the small ounces of life and love you are blessed with in this one moment…

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As a child we do not really learn to filter our thoughts. We speak whatever the innocent, playful mind thinks. Then we grow up and master the art of filtering our thoughts. It takes courage to put into words what the mind thinks. It takes a lot of effort too. One has to figure out a way to put it out there in a manner that it is understood. I believe I struggle to express sometimes. The thoughts are all in there, all muddled up but they do not pour out the way I believe they should. It could just be a perception that there is a way to put it in the first place. Words are so beautiful they can be used to melt hearts or hurt the same heart sometimes. I am going to start using these words to begin a new journey. A journey to speak out random thoughts, state weird ideas, question the norm. A journey to Think Aloud….

2 thoughts on “That one moment!!

  1. Learning from something that doesn’t speak back to us but still teaches us alot is actually a dive inside our own soul and finding that key of peace and happiness.

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