Love like nobody’s watching…

The human rational mind draws out what’s right and wrong, sets boundaries that should not be crossed, recognises a misfit and encourages you to keep emotions aside. Who doesn’t love a logical rational mind that can get you to think clearly, make choices in life and help you survive, quite literally sometimes. Should the logical mind have a say though, in matters of the heart. Ancient scriptures, modern poets, love gurus and any sane mind will tell you love is one area where the mind has no business. There is no science or mathematical reasons behind why a soul feels so drawn to another. Why love feels so blissful, magical even. Is it right though to loose yourself to love especially if your crossing some lines etched in stone.

Love or romance in the logical world is limited to a certain age (typically 20s), gender (man and woman), minimal age gap, similar background, community, education level, jobs held etc. The ideal list could go on and on. We grow up believing what our society claims is right and follow the same rules unknowingly, simply because that’s what the herd calls right. If only you didn’t have all these pre-conceived notions would you have chosen differently in life. The heart always knows who your soul yearns for. It recognizes the spirit that can spark your life and break your boundaries. The heart knows whose company can give you limitless happiness, push you to challenge your belief system and enhance your potential. Love has a power that can break you or make you whole. For such love to flourish though, it takes guts to look beyond the logical realms. It takes a lot of heart to ignore the age gap, gender, societal norms and love another soul. The heart always knows what’s best for you but the logical mind will disagree. I always wondered what Love would look like if the human race loved like nobody’s watching would you still be holding the same hand, would you still be in the same city, would you still be holding onto the same profession, would you still think twice before picking up the phone to talk to that special someone, would you still be single, would you still be married and would you still stay stagnant just because you can’t gather a little courage to love like nobody’s watching…

Published by SoniaRajan002

As a child we do not really learn to filter our thoughts. We speak whatever the innocent, playful mind thinks. Then we grow up and master the art of filtering our thoughts. It takes courage to put into words what the mind thinks. It takes a lot of effort too. One has to figure out a way to put it out there in a manner that it is understood. I believe I struggle to express sometimes. The thoughts are all in there, all muddled up but they do not pour out the way I believe they should. It could just be a perception that there is a way to put it in the first place. Words are so beautiful they can be used to melt hearts or hurt the same heart sometimes. I am going to start using these words to begin a new journey. A journey to speak out random thoughts, state weird ideas, question the norm. A journey to Think Aloud….

4 thoughts on “Love like nobody’s watching…

  1. It is Beautiful how you went outside the box of societal norms to actually present the fanthom of a four letter word, that can only be exclaimed by a Diver.


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