Freedom to choose

Humans developed through ages. From the age where we killed to survive we got to a stage where we were at war with each other as we split ourselves into territories called countries. There was no choice if your country was in the midst of war, you could die at the drop of a hat or loose your friends, family and life as is. Life was fragile and we valued every little thing you owned and every simple relationship you had and above all you valued your heart’s cry and desires because life was short and the moment is all you got to live before someone or something would come out of the blue and grab it all away. Men and women were courageous they fought for their heart’s desires against traditions and norms they chose love. They chose to fight to be with the love of their life because life was lost or gained in a moment. But what surprises me is the fire we had in our spirits to fight for your heart. Here we are today in an age where we call ourselves modern and spoilt with choices. Choice to live where you want, with whom you want, doing the job you want, living every moment of your life just the way you want and yet we all feel trapped in a system of wakeup, job, eat, sleep repeat, yet we feel stuck in relationships, jobs, locations, situations that you are obliged to be in simply because we believe we are out of choice. Do we understand the freedom to choose, the freedom to love, the freedom to live every moment on your own terms. Do we take our freedom for granted simply because we do not have the courage to follow your heart and simply because you do no have the spirit to fight for your heart’s desires.

Published by SoniaRajan002

As a child we do not really learn to filter our thoughts. We speak whatever the innocent, playful mind thinks. Then we grow up and master the art of filtering our thoughts. It takes courage to put into words what the mind thinks. It takes a lot of effort too. One has to figure out a way to put it out there in a manner that it is understood. I believe I struggle to express sometimes. The thoughts are all in there, all muddled up but they do not pour out the way I believe they should. It could just be a perception that there is a way to put it in the first place. Words are so beautiful they can be used to melt hearts or hurt the same heart sometimes. I am going to start using these words to begin a new journey. A journey to speak out random thoughts, state weird ideas, question the norm. A journey to Think Aloud….

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