Love just Happens…

It was a rainy day and she was in an Uber. She hoped and prayed she would reach no more than 30 mins late. Thoughts brewing in her mind, ”Damn, how do I fuck up with time so bad each and every time”. She was late again for a company training, but for some reason she enjoyed that long drive in the rain to the training center. It gave her the time she needed by herself to think about what she decided the previous night. Her boss a well know corporate honcho had shared some feedback with her in a not so nice way crushing her confidence and trust in her capability. Fuck the world she had decided I will find myself another job and most importantly, I will do everything in my power to lift my spirits again. She was bruised but she was such a strong independent woman who never let her scars be seen. It was time to put her plan into action.

Finally, the Uber made it to the convention center and she quietly entered the training room with close to 30 people whilst the trainer had started talking about thinking out of the box. Her persona was so strong and so was her perfume, her presence meant a breath of sweet smells and it was a welcome relief for most people so her being late went unnoticed. The day went on and she felt more light hearted than usual it felt like she was being her happy self again. Just before the day ended the team had their last activity they had to interview someone. She raised her hand to play interviewee and she never thought for a moment this would be that magical moment when she would fall deeply in love.

It was a crazy day for him at office with meetings no time to take a pause, grab a cup of coffee. He felt like a machine, maybe more like a robot. He was in a new city for two years his life had changed. He just got through each day on auto pilot mode. Tackling life like a to do list from one task to another. He was just another man in a busy city working from paycheck to paycheck not giving a thought about what he really wanted in life or where he was headed. His phone kept buzzing for the 3rd time someone was requesting him to be part of an office training activity where he would be interviewed. No time to waste on meeting random people for some random training he thought but he needed a moment to pause, to grab some coffee and maybe answer some silly questions at a training session. He never imagined in his wildest dreams he is headed to a situation that will change his life forever.

The interview began he was seated at a table with 15 people, all set to be interviewed and there she was looking so happy and cheerful. He met her a couple of times but she never engaged in a conversation for more than 3 mins. He just loved her vibe and found it difficult to explain what it was. Maybe he could talk to her and find out more about his feelings but he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was a gentleman, highly educated and humble, she thought. He was looking at her like he was trying to find answers or searching for a glimpse of her soul. She felt conscious and just continued on with the questions her group prepared. She felt relief when the listed questions were completed and with a sunshine smile said to him, ”That was it, that was our last question, we got all the information our group needed”. He looked deep into her eyes and asked her, ”where have you been I haven’t seen you in a while”. Their souls met in that moment and in a crowded room they fell in love. Just like that cupid struck, love happened…

Published by SoniaRajan002

As a child we do not really learn to filter our thoughts. We speak whatever the innocent, playful mind thinks. Then we grow up and master the art of filtering our thoughts. It takes courage to put into words what the mind thinks. It takes a lot of effort too. One has to figure out a way to put it out there in a manner that it is understood. I believe I struggle to express sometimes. The thoughts are all in there, all muddled up but they do not pour out the way I believe they should. It could just be a perception that there is a way to put it in the first place. Words are so beautiful they can be used to melt hearts or hurt the same heart sometimes. I am going to start using these words to begin a new journey. A journey to speak out random thoughts, state weird ideas, question the norm. A journey to Think Aloud….

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