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Love just Happens…

It was a rainy day and she was in an Uber. She hoped and prayed she would reach no more than 30 mins late. Thoughts brewing in her mind, ”Damn, how do I fuck up with time so bad each and every time”. She was late again for a company training, but for some reasonContinue reading “Love just Happens…”

Freedom to choose

Humans developed through ages. From the age where we killed to survive we got to a stage where we were at war with each other as we split ourselves into territories called countries. There was no choice if your country was in the midst of war, you could die at the drop of a hatContinue reading “Freedom to choose”

Love like nobody’s watching…

The human rational mind draws out what’s right and wrong, sets boundaries that should not be crossed, recognises a misfit and encourages you to keep emotions aside. Who doesn’t love a logical rational mind that can get you to think clearly, make choices in life and help you survive, quite literally sometimes. Should the logicalContinue reading “Love like nobody’s watching…”

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